This game is like a free-for-all mastermind with words. The object is to guess what the secret word is. You do this by guessing and receiving feedback on those guesses. All players see everybody's guesses and feedback. The winner is the first person to correctly guess the word. This can be done using a combination luck, logic, and large vocabulary.

Why its cool: 

It's a fun game that you can jump into or drop out of anytime. Anybody can win at any moment just by guessing the correct word.

Possible future applications: 

The word list used for the "secret words" can be chosen by such that the people playing the game will better familiarize themselves with a desired vocabulary.


new version of guessword

Love the game. But, in the new version I have to actually click in the entry box each time I want to guess a word. In the old version, I could type, hit enter, then type the next word, then hit enter, etc...all without using the mouse. I think the usability has gone way down with this new version.



fixed (maybe)

Thank you for reporting this. I added some javascript which I believe will alleviate the issue. If not, you can download Firefox. As a Firefox user, I have not personally experienced the problem you described.

Please show the

Please show the highscores (hourly/daily/etc) on the game page so there's more to compete for, and add a chat.

thanks for adding the

thanks for adding the chat...but it would be better if it was on by default rather than having to click the link. If you're worried about dialup connections etc...then at least have an image or something to catch people's attention that its chat and not some random link.

Thanks also but I agree to

Thanks also but I agree to having more shown by default, updating with the words.

More words, mule! ;) There

More words, mule! ;) There are a lot of repetitions.


I more than doubled the current list of secret words. They looked fine, but I hope no really obscure words snuck in.

Great game

and thank you, new words have opened it up a touch more. I do like the chat as well :-)

i would like to see some 7 & maybe 8 letter words come up and please restrict the "s" only plurals

thanks again and best wishes


Dude, the current solution has a non-enterable character or something.

Bad random words

I pressed enter to generate a random word while playing and it created a word with non-English letters. Below is the output.

Double-zero words: malgr�
hint: words that score "double-zero" share no letters with the correct word
Possible letters: b c d e f h i j k n o p q s t u v w x y z
Bad letters: a g l m r {

prude friendly?

I was about to invite my 14-year of granddaughter to take a look, when I saw
that a player had the word FUCK, so I backed off.
Can you fix it so that FUCK is rejected as "not a word"?

Prude, again

I love this game.
My granddaughter and I play this on email, sending our words
back and forth.
I posted the "prude friendly" comment, then noticed I had typed
my email address wrong. Don't know whether that matters, but
thought maybe you use that to respond.
Thanks for considering.

page layout

The game is addicting. Good work. I would like to see the chat up next to the word-guess box so it becomes more active. As it stands, you can only see it if you scroll down, so sometimes comments are old when you see them. If you want to have an active chat, you can't guess words at the same time. The directions should be larger and at the top of the page. Then the word guess box with the chat box next to it.
Also, when "That is not a word" or "Must be six letters" messages pop up, they are too large, and move the page. They could be smaller.

I have to disagree about the

I have to disagree about the chat box. At the moment a twelve year-old (nintendorox, ding, some other sock-puppet names) is filling the chat box with insults and profanity. It thankfully can't be seen once there are ten guesses, but if it were next to the guess box, I'd have to stop playing until his bedtime.

LOL 12 years old, seriously,

LOL 12 years old, seriously, stupidest insult ever.

Maybe a quick registration

Maybe a quick registration of names is called for. The troll is currently using my screen name to type insulting things about me in the chat. I'm sick of this childish nonsense.

Just a suggestion...

I love this game and play it every well done to there are some very nice and clever people on here too.

The only suggestion I can make about the site is that I think that it might be prudent to make it only playable if you are a 'registered member', and that there could be a 'Report Abuse' option on here so that abusive people can be banned and kept off.

Just lately, there have been some very abusive messages, with uncalled for bad language in the chat box about certain members on here by youngsters who, think they are being clever, and funny....NOT...they need to be kept off the site as it spoils an otherwise great site!!!

I also agree with miniclaire on her comments about the page moving when the 'that is not a word' etc pop up, and also about the chat box being too far down the page, and away from game play, so that you can't see the messages. It would be better near the game play.

Keep up the good've made one addictive game.

Suggestion for Prudes

I don't like the registration idea to eliminate the abusive commenters. How about a hide comments option so that we don't even see them.


I think that this game is fun... until some random person ruins your good time with a whole lot of random guesses... It would be really awesome if you were to make a downloadable version of the game that allows you to set up online games with friends or perhaps create rooms that have independent games that users start with an option that allows others in (for example have the public anyone thing then have a "start own game" feature that starts a new game that can be customized with a game name and password and then have a join function as well)... because a friend of mine and I were really enjoying ourselves trying to get the words in the least amount of guesses and some guy came in and really made it unfun because every other second was a new random until he got enough letters in the right place to make an easy guess...

bad letters

Good game. If I could change it any way to my heart's desire, I'd ask that the possible letters/bad letters be moved to the top, by the current guesses, because I have a very small computer screen and have to scroll down to see the possible/bad letters. This makes it hard to stay in the game.

bad letters

Enchilada has a good point--I need to scroll down, as well, to see them and in the middle of a hot game, it's a nuisance. Put them on top. Thanks. Lovin' the game and the company
Oh--and by the way--just becasue you make a latter LARGE in the "gotcha caption", jthat doesn't mean it is capitalized. Like a "c" for instance. Hard to tell :-)

Bad letters, redux

Please add my name to the chorus (is three a chorus?). Bad letters above so we can see them without scrolling. Totally addictive game and, for the most part, played by ladies and gentlemen. Competitive, but politely so.

High scorers

Where do i access the high scores?

2/26/08, a bunch of 8-year

2/26/08, a bunch of 8-year olds appear to have taken over the game....

Abusive comments and names

I agree with those who have suggested registration and an option to report abuse. A few very sick individuals have been taking over. Not only are their comments abusive and often obscene, but so are their playing names and their guesses. This is no longer safe for youngsters who might actually like to play, and as an adult I am very grossed out.

I concur with Enchilada

I concur with Enchilada Sauce. These new players are beyond the pale. Plus they are lousy puzzle solvers. Seems like one or more 12 year olds swapping out different names.


I suggested to Gary to implement some sort of "Warning" feature, so that immature users could be censured by other (normal) people playing guessword. The only thing I would worry about with this feature though is making sure that people who are not being idiots do not get "warned" (or temporarily banned) by the people who are actually being idiots... any more ideas on how to go about this or alternative strategies are welcome. Basically, if you can think of it, Gary can probably implement it.

Registering for the game

Registering for the game would be a really nice option. Also the bad letters option at the top, rather than the bottom would be nice too.

Fun game though, very addicting!!


registering names would be a good thing, as there is someone who has adopted my screen name (chico); not that I mind, except this person is a complete hack (just hits the submit button repeatedly) - I have a reputation to uphold here!!


This is strange

This my be co-indecent as some one have register your screen name!!

A project is unique and is

A project is unique and is of definite duration. A program is ongoing and implemented within a business to consistently achieve certain results for the business.



Time to block some players?

Time to block some players? A group of little kids has hijacked the game with abusive comments, randomly hitting "submit" button

Love it!

quite addicting it is! CCB

Slow Down and 4-Letter Words

First of all, the Slow Down! has gotten really excessive. For those of us who type quickly, it's very annoying. It may be intended to block computer programs or some such, but for me it's just making the game obnoxiously slow. It's horrible to know the word and have someone else (zeppo, for instance!) swoop in while I'm waiting for my Slow Down! warning to go away. It encourages people to sit back and let others figure out the letters, then solve the word themselves.

The other thing I don't like is only being able to play 4- and 5-letter words when I'm the only one online. It would be really nice if we could choose a number of letters, or if longer words were included regardless of the number of players.

Is the game down?

Is the game down?

Cool Game

I like this game it's nice and cool.

I agree, fun game...

I do like playing this kind of game, I still have one of the old mastermind games here knocking about somewhere. Might have to dig it out. :) Baby Names, Website Hosting.

Thanks also but I agree to

Thanks also but I agree to having more shown by default, updating with the words.

Cool game!

I realy like this game - a few minutes ago I played it. But it is very hard for me to play, because my
mother language is german. It would be really cool to have such a game in german. Is the script open-source??
Would be great if you can leave here an reply if I could have the game script to use it in germany.
Thanks a lot and kind regards

Great game

Great game but not easy to play as a beginner, im also surprised that there are other people online playing in the day.

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