Reveal is an online multiplayer image game. The objective of the game is to guess what the hidden image is. When a new game starts the image is completely blanked out. Users (without registering for anything) can reveal random cells of the image by filling out a CAPTCHA and pressing the "Reveal!" button.

The first user to enter a guess for the image that contains one of the "winning terms" wins the round and starts a new game.

Other features include:

  • allowing users to submit their own images for future gameplay
  • having administrators approve all submitted images before gameplay
  • game queuing:
    • There is an active game queue where new images submitted wait to become the
      current game. If this queue is empty when the current game finishes then
      a random image (that has not been recently played) is choosen from the
  • adaptive CAPTCHAs
    • after 5 correct CAPTCHAs they are disabled

Why its cool: 

It is fun for users to compete with each other and try to guess the correct term first. It is also very interesting to look at the game history and see what people's guesses were for the image and what the image looked like when they made that guess.

The use of the PHP GD library is also cool. The code dynamically generates partially revealed images from originals, making it impossible for the end user to access the original (fully revealed) image.

Possible future applications: 

This project could be used as an interactive quiz to test student's knowledge of certain images. A professor could control upload images related to the curriculum they are going over.

Also, this could be used as a cognitive perception research tool. Using this you could generate statistics about several images that suggest which parts (cells) of an image are most representative of that image by looking at which cells where usually revealed when the game ended.


My ideas

I love the game, but think the old layout (image on left, guess box/table/reveal button on right) is better.


Thanks for your feedback.. The layout should should be the image on the left, and guess box on the right. However, if the image is too wide to fit all of those things in the css forces then guessbox/table/reveal button beneath the image.

Expanding the game:

Hi, Love the game. You should do more with letting people create an account and play to rack up points and be in the high scores! What do you think?


I am glad you enjoy playing.. I haven't had a lot of time this semester as I have been pretty busy in class and work. But I think your idea of having people get points for playing is neat... The only thing I am concerned with is I would still like to allow users to play without having to register for anything. So maybe I will make it so you can play logged in or anonymously.

One other feature I thought would be cool is to keep stats on each image. Currently, after a image is recycled (or played again), all the information for the last game (as in who revealed what grid, and all the guesses) are lost. If I retained all of this information then I could do more interesting things like show the average numbers of grids revealed before a good guess, and maybe even show some sort of composite image which shows which revealed grids were most "popular" (or that is, some sort of weighting to suggest which grids being revealed led to a correct guess).

Too few squares

It's a little difficult at first because there's too few squares go play with. Seobahn

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