Flash: Steal


This game is based on the kids game "steal the sticks." In this version, computerized teams of triangles try to collect all the balls, even if that means stealing from another team.
Each triangle will seek out the nearest ball that is not currently being carried by any player. After picking up a ball, the triangle will bring it to its team's goal (a large circle of the same color).

Why its cool: 

It's fun to watch the triangles play the game autonomously while the user messes around with various objects. It is also fun to see how the parameters/arrangement affect game play.

Possible future applications: 

The movement of the triangles can be applied to any movieclip. This can be useful for illustrating many different things moving (e.g. people, animals, microorganisms, molecules).

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funny game =)

funny game =)

very nice simulation

I like this very much.

As you stated above, it is usefull for illustrating the movement of molecules (I am a chemist :) )
But to show the reaction rate of a thermodynamic equilibrium, i want to have diffent movement speed for each team, or a different number of players per team. This would bring this simulation to a new level, i think.

Is it possible to implement this?

Greetings from German Uni Bonn, Anorganic Chemistry

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:))) Interesting game.

:))) Interesting game.