Vote (Beta)


This is a simple application to help a large group of people to come to an agreement on a topic. This is achieved by having users anonymously vote on and submit items. This allows people to suggest ideas that they may have kept to themselves because they weren't sure the ideas would be welcomed by others.

This project is still young, so don't expect a whole lot at this point. But feel free to try it out and leave comments with suggestions.

Why its cool: 

Fast, simple, AJAX voting to help groups of people reach agreement.

Possible future applications: 

Can be used anytime a group of people need to agree on something.




Good application!

Good application!

I like it, but it needs at least this improvement

Voting options neutral, positive and negative can cause a strange effect. Consider a poll with two items. Item A: 50 votes negative, 50 votes positive, result 0. Item B: only 1 vote positive, result 1. Item B is not at all popular but it wins. If you would allow only positive and neutral votes, the negative voters would have to either vote for B, add other items, or not vote at all. In any case, the result would be much clearer.

But I really like this internet application, in particular the option to create private polls.

Work with cookies instead of IP-address

To identify a voter use cookies instead of IP-addresses, because now all computers behind a NAT-firewall are influencing each other; the votes for all these computers are the same. The same goes for all different users on one PC.

This is a great project.

This is a great project. Free poling that is lightweight and easy to set up.

What a great project, we

What a great project, we plan to use it to rate different cell phones on our site.

Can I use it?

I'm looking to install like survey poll in my blog and I was wondering if I can use this...Buy Me Domains

I really like this script,

I really like this script, it's a great way to get a quick poll uploaded and publish its results.


I love AJAX applications..
Do you have any plans to make further improvements to it?

I like it

Its a very nice start... I am going to test it now..
You can check our career related site too as I may test it there :)

Its a very nice

Its a very nice script.
Thanks for providing it to us.

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Great Script

Thanks for this smokin hot script!


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This is great. The wonderful people of Arizona should be proud!

This is great stuff

This is great stuff thanks

I really liked this

I really liked this thanks.
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Suggestion box

A virtual suggestion box is a good idea, no one feels the pressure of having to complain about something because its anonymous.

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AJAX ...

I used AJAX in one of my site and it's cool.

how does it work

How does it work? Some more details?

Good Going

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