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The 5 most recently created public topics are:
Which Harry Potter House?
Hawt or Nawt?
Are trans people okay? :/
Favorite Website?
Sims 3: Best Sim Maker:
The 5 most popular public topics are:
What do you use the Internet for?
Should the current U.S. president, George Bush, be impeached?
Best color
Favorite movie
Most difficult video game
5 random public topics are:
Should Eliot Spitzer be impeached if he does not resign?
Hawt or Nawt?
<script>alert("Amy is a 1337 haxx0r")</script>
Would you vote online if it were made available?
Why isn't there a law, stopping companys,putting on the market, known bugged software. Like the money they get for it has no bugs in it, Why then should the product be released with bugs.

What do you use the Internet for?


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